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Mayflower  400

A series of paintings inspired by the Captains Log of the Mayflower, reflecting the hope, bravery, drama, and finally relief of the Pilgrims in their historic adventure to settle in the New World.




Julie Hammonds' studio overlooks Plymouth Sound where the Pilgrims set sail in the Mayflower in 1620.

Her distinctive Marine Art, and a background in the classic boat building industry, have combined  to give  her depictions of the crossing of the Mayflower

a timeless appeal.


Oil Paintings on canvas


" Sept.6 /Sept.16

Weighed anchor. Wind E.N.E., a fine gale.

Laid course W.S.W. for northern coasts of Virginia.


"Monday, Nov. 9/19

Closing in with land at nightfall. Sighted land at daybreak. The landfall made out to be Cape Cod The Bluffs (in what is now the town of Truro,Mass.)." 

"Sept. 23/Oct.3

In sundry of these stormes, the winds were so fierce and the seas so high, as the ship could not bear a knot of sail, but was forced to hull drift under bare poles for divers days together."


At anchor in Plymouth roadstead off the Barbican. Transferring passengers from consort, lying near by.   Weather fine."

"Sept. 11/Sept.21

Fine warm weather and the harvest-moon."


The usual equinoctial weather deferred



A lusty young man, John Howland by name, coming upon some occasion above the gratings latticed covers to the hatches, was with the seel of the ship thrown into the sea, but caught hold of the topsail halliards, which hung overboard and ran out at length: yet he held his hold, though he was sundry fathoms under water , and then with a boathook and other means got into the ship again and his life saved."


A succession of fine days, with favouring winds."



The equinoctial disturbances over and the strong October gales, the milder warmer weather of late October followed.

Mistress Elizabeth Hopkins, wife of Master Stephen Hopkins of Billericay, in Essex, was  delivered of a son, who , on account of the circumstances of his birth, was named Oceanus, the first birth aboard the ship during the voyage.


"Sept.7 / Sept. 17

Comes in with wind E.N.E.  Light gale continues. Made all sails on ship.

"Sept.23 / Oct.3

Ship shrewdly shaken and her upper works made very leaky. One of the main beams in the midhips was bowed and cracked.

In examining of all opinions, the Master and others affirmed they knew the ship to be strong and firm under water, and for the buckling, bending or bowing of the main beam, there was a great iron scrue the passengers brought out of Holland which would raise the main beam into its place.

"Sept.23 / Oct.3

As for the decks and upper works, they would caulk them as well they could: and though with the working of the ship they would not long keep staunch, yet there would otherwise be no great danger if they did not overpress her with sails.

So they resolved to proceed.



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